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Transforming what’s possible in cybersecurity management

Cut through complexity with visibility, insight and automation to match the speed of business.

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Insight into assets, infrastructures and their relationships

Connects Disparate Data and Teams

Skybox brings together security controls, network devices, applications and threat data into a logical model to connect security perspectives. This aligns teams with a common understanding of their environment and its risks.

140+ Integrations

Skybox integrates with more than 140 security and operational technologies, collecting and analyzing their data, providing new insights and improving their ROI.

Complete Visibility

More than an analytical tool, the Skybox model is built to give you comprehensive and accurate visibility every day to improve cyber hygiene, optimize processes and inform strategy.

Automates the Routine and Complex

Skybox automatically finds vulnerable assets left exposed by security controls, assess firewall change risks before they go live and check security of dynamic cloud environments.

Trusted by major enterprises and government agencies

CISO - National Federal Credit Union

Director of IT Security / High–Tech Commercial Bank

Acquiring Actionable Intelligence to Protect Critical Business Assets

“We’re focused on making Skybox the risk management center of our universe. We’re building dashboards that show risk across the entire enterprise to gain deep insight into our overall risk. It’s only possible because Skybox correlates our relevant business information with our real-world risks. It’s phenomenal technology.”

CISONational Federal Credit Union

Achieving Total Network Visibility and Continuous Compliance

 “Many competitors that we worked with just cannot keep up with innovation. Skybox, on the other hand, really worked with us, understood our environment, and tackled innovation and virtualization head-on.”

Director of IT High–Tech Commercial Bank

Program Manager

Reducing Vulnerability Exposure From Weeks to Hours

“Our false positive rate has dropped significantly from the 20 percent we were experiencing. We can now prioritize our efforts on deploying patches.”

CISO Multi-National Oil and Gas Company

Network Security Leader / Skybox Customer

Unifying Security Management and Empowering Secure Innovation

“Along with SIEMs, Skybox is the most important tool in our infosecurity arsenal and a cornerstone of our SOC.”

Network Security Leader Skybox Customer

Program Manager

Focus on customer loyalty, increasing basket size and driving innovation

Dozens of enterprise-scale retailers rely on our solutions. We build a strong foundation for their security program, so CISOs can support digital transformation, cloud migration, regulatory compliance and the velocity of changes inherent to their global business.

Program Manager / USAID ISSO Team

Head of Technology / UK County Council

Achieving Fully Automated Security Management and FISMA Compliance

“Skybox immediately helped us find problems we hadn’t considered, and to fix things were would have never found. Skybox was the perfect fit for us.”

Program Manager USAID ISSO Team


Unifying Risk Management Solutions to Meet Gov and Industry Standards

“Manually, risk assessment would take us days, or even a week. With Skybox, the same assessment takes 5-10 minutes, sometimes instantly.”

Head of Technology UK County Council


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