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Oil and gas companies accelerate vulnerability remediation from weeks to hours

Learn why oil and gas companies adopt vulnerability management solutions that provide attack surface analysis without impacting network operations.

Learn how to:
  • Make process improvements when identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Increase effective prioritization and automation of remediation tasks.
  • Eliminate network disruption through passive vulnerability assessment.
  • Implement continuous vulnerability discovery and daily reporting.
  • Augment scanning and minimized disruption.

Oil and gas industry security teams address cyber security threats as soon as they are identified, but active scanning causes vulnerability remediation delays and subsequent risks. Because of this, a need has arisen for a vulnerability solution that provides a continuous view of the attack surface without impacting network operations.

With Skybox Vulnerability Control, oil and gas companies can:
  • Reduce MTTR from weeks to hours.
  • Reduce false positively rate.
  • Improve operational efficiency through automation.
  • Reduce costs due to less frequent scanning.

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