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De-risk IT/OT convergence: Address the next frontier in cybersecurity risk

Secure your IT and OT environments with a lifecycle-based approach to vulnerability management.

Join us and learn how to build a robust IT/OT security approach through:
  • A comprehensive inventory of IT and OT assets and vulnerabilities.
  • A lifecycle management method for prioritizing the riskiest vulnerabilities.
  • Automated workflows for demonstrating regulatory compliance.
  • Context-driven segmentation and access policies for zone creations.

Learn how you can eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks across your IT/OT networks.

No industry is safe from cyberattacks, but industrial and manufacturing organizations are particularly vulnerable due to unique risk factors. In industrial and manufacturing environments, connected physical systems are increasingly exposed to the outside world and potential cyberattacks.

With a unified view of IT and OT assets, you can unlock complete visibility, analytics, and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments. During this session, learn how to improve security efficacy and efficiency for your organization through insights needed to identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures and optimize security policies, actions, and change processes.

Presented by:
Director, Sales Engineers - North America Skybox Security
Terry Olaes is director of North America systems engineering at Skybox Security. Terry brings more than 20 years of experience in IT, including IT/OT convergence, audit and compliance, data breaches, and incident management. Terry’s eclectic background, which includes working on the ground floor at a manufacturing plant, serving as a systems engineer, and managing large security teams, gives him a unique perspective on fortifying IT/OT security posture. Terry specializes in helping organizations devise the right cybersecurity strategies to help manage vulnerabilities and mitigate risks across IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments.