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Change Manager

Automate change management workflows for comprehensive risk assessments.

Product features and benefits

Identify and trace

Aggregate all business, policy, and configuration requirements. Ensure accurate path identification in NAT-rich environments. See options for full access routes and details of changes at each step.

Assess and manage risk

Discover if proposed firewall rule changes could expose previously protected vulnerable assets, create security gaps, or violate policies. Integrate with existing ticketing systems to centralize and formalize change requests and comply with audit requirements. Assign metadata to create rules including rule owner, review date, and other details.

Detect and protect

Manage and automate workflows for firewall rule creation, change verification, rule recertification, and deprovisioning. Easily review rules for recertification or deprovisioning to keep firewalls clean, secure, and compliant. Validate rules and reduce rollbacks and unnecessary changes with proactive assessments.

Automated change request provisioning

Change Manager workflows for firewall rule creation, recertification and deprovisioning help maintain continuous compliance, close security gaps, and limit vulnerability exposures.

  • Automate change management workflows.
  • Integrate risk assessments and access path analysis.
  • Reduce SLAs by fast tracking known decisions.

Automated change request verification

Change Manager workflows automate rule implementation and surrounding analysis needed to ensure every rule is secure and compliant. It provides objective verification that implemented changes match the original change request to ensure all changes are authorized and made as intended.

  • Provide full security visibility and context.
  • Conduct security checks to identify known risks.
  • Predict risks from policy changes and validate changes prior to implementation.

Automated risk assessment

Using the Skybox network model, Change Manager checks if proposed access changes are already in place and which devices are relevant to the change and analyzes how the proposed change could open-up attack paths to previously protected vulnerable assets.

  • Identify previously protected vulnerability assets.
  • Analyze proposed changes for policy violations.
  • Ensure changes are authorized and complete.

Rule recertification process automation

Simplify, formalize, and automate workflows to review rules for recertification or deprovisioning to keep firewalls clean, secure and compliant. Skybox Change Manager assigns metadata to every created rule including rule owner, review date, and other details to systematically recertify rules.

  • Create an automated and repeatable process to assess rules.
  • Customize rule review frequency based on risk classification.
  • Determine if rules are required or violate compliance.

Featured integrations

Our integrations with existing ticketing systems allow you to centralize and formalize change requests and comply with audit requirements.

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