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Integrated solutions for a comprehensive security program.

Security is a journey. Navigate your way to better protection through enhanced visibility, prioritization, and automation that help you continuously manage your cyber exposure.

Attack Surface Management

Organizations have myriad assets to secure, but they lack the actionable visibility required to fully protect their organization. Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the cybersecurity discipline to identify, reduce, and manage the attack surface to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to find and exploit exposures.

ASM inventories, analyzes, and maps the attackable assets in your organization, shows you which assets have exposure, and demonstrates how and where cybercriminals may penetrate your network – so you can take steps to mitigate risk and block attacks from happening. Regardless of whether you’re protecting assets on-premises or in the cloud, IT or OT assets, every device attached to your network could be the target of an attacker. ASM identifies and secures all the various points where an attacker could potentially compromise or damage an organization’s digital assets and infrastructure.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Security teams are overwhelmed with the number of vulnerabilities to identify, prioritize, and remediate in their environment. With Vulnerability Management (VM), your organization focuses on the highest-risk exposures to ensure your limited resources combat the threats that would damage your organization the most.

A modern VM solution goes beyond vulnerability scanners to considers factors other than just CVSS severity; it takes into consideration factors like exploitability of a vulnerability, the importance of an asset to the business, and accessibility of the exposure to deliver a better picture of your highest priority threats. This allows your team to cut through the noise and maximize their impact prioritizing and remediating vulnerable assets – while securing your networks.

Security Policy Management

In today’s complex IT network environments, it’s an on-going challenge for teams to efficiently manage their firewalls alongside compliance requirements. But this is a critical part of a comprehensive security plan.

Security Policy Management (SPM) takes the complexities out of managing your firewalls and networks. With SPM you collect, normalize, and optimize network and security policy to reduce your operational burden. With early detection of access policy violations, rule conflicts, and misconfigurations, you’re able to keep your devices running at optimal levels and be less likely to keep a back door open for an attack.

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