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Increase cybersecurity budget ROI with Skybox Security

Forrester determined that the ROI of Skybox Security Posture Management Platform is 142% and customers can experience financial impact benefits of $3.78M over three years. Skybox commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Skybox Platform.

Learn how you can increase cybersecurity budget ROI

Skybox Security Posture Management Platform combines infrastructure context with threat intelligence to unlock visibility into the attack surface spanning information technology (IT), hybrid cloud, and operational technology (OT) environments.

The Skybox Platform allows security and risk teams to comply with corporate and regulatory policies, reduce misconfigurations, securely automate changes, and prioritize remediation of the riskiest vulnerabilities.

These capabilities help customers create a global framework across their network to decrease risk from external and internal sources while improving productivity for end-to-end security, audit, and compliance processes.

Forrester Consulting found that a composite organization comprised of Skybox customers reported the following benefits and more:

  • A 55% reduction in the risk of a significant data breach.
  • A 50% decrease in downtime for mission-critical assets.
  • A 20% increase in efficiencies for the security operations team.
  • A 50% reduction of external audit resource time.
  • A 30% increase in security analysts productivity when conducting audit and compliance activities.

“Skybox has given us visibility across our network and there’s no other tool that we’ve had in the past that allowed us to do that on a global scale”

Principal network engineerIT security company

The Skybox Platform reduces the risk of a significant data breach

To identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures, you need complete visibility into your entire environment and the tools to plan, implement and maintain a strong security posture. With the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform, you can analyze and validate the security configurations of enterprise, cloud, and OT environments and gain a complete picture of your attack surface. Your network and security teams can accurately measure risk, implement the best remediation solutions, and optimize security policies, actions, and change processes across all environments.

  • Significantly reduce exposure to data breaches resulting from internal and external threat actors.
  • Better prioritize and understand critical vulnerabilities while addressing compliance concerns on a global enterprise scale.
  • Through increased visibility, act on critical items quicker across IT and OT functions
  • Utilize a consistent framework for prioritizing exposed vulnerabilities; create internal governance processes to centrally review and manage threats across IT and OT environments.


reduction in mean time to detect vulnerabilities


reduction of the risk of a data breach over three years


savings over three years

It was like the Wild West. We have thousands upon thousands or hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities that show up in scans. What Skybox does is look at vulnerabilities in the context of all the other things in the network to produce a risk assessment and that’s what allows us to prioritize the vulnerabilities that need to be fixed.”

Principal network engineerIT security company


decreased reliance on external auditors


improved productivity of security analysts conducting audit and compliance activities


present value

The Skybox platform increases audit and compliance efficiencies

Budget pressure, increased reporting requirements, changing regulatory requirements, changing network configurations, legacy processes, and more make it difficult to pass audits and maintain compliance. To understand your compliance status, you need complete visibility into digital environments and the tools to continuously comply with applicable regulations. The Skybox Security Posture Management Platform gathers information about security status from enterprise, cloud, and OT environments and evaluates them against your compliance frameworks. Data analysis and automation help you remediate vulnerabilities, automate change management and prepare customized reports.

  • Significantly improve the end-to-end time required to manage audit and compliance activities.
  • Improve data and decrease compliance violations and human errors
  • Decrease their costs for external audits and time spent internally on compliance.
  • Address increasing workload due to regulatory requirements through streamlined and automated processes

The IT team, they’re spending a lot less time on the audit than they used to because they used to handwrite a report and try and come up with explanations. Now, they can just take the information from Skybox and say, here’s the proof, and that’s tracked on a regular basis”

Principal network engineerIT security company

Decrease downtime and save money in the critical infrastructure sector with the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

Eliminate OT security blind spots, reduce risk, and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks. With the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform, you can discover vulnerabilities that scanners can’t reach. Identify exposed vulnerabilities anywhere in your OT infrastructure. Assess and prioritize where to focus limited resources on the areas where an attack could cause the greatest damage. Get alternative vulnerability remediation options, including applying IPS signatures, modifying access rules, optimizing policies, and updating device configurations.

  • Prioritize threats with greater accuracy to reduce mission critical downtime.
  • Better plan maintenance cycles and remediate threats quicker with an understanding of the true criticality of potential threats.
  • Focus on remediation strategies that minimize impacts on processes across IT and OT spaces.
  • Operational downtime can be particularly critical for OT, where productivity can have a direct impact on revenues.


decreased downtime for mission-critical assets


in avoided revenue leakage

OT downtime is measured in lack of production. We had a four-hour incident every quarter and now we don’t have that. We reduced quite significantly the risk surface by implementing Skybox.”

Director of cybersecuritymanufacturing company


increase in security operations productivity


net present value

Increase security operations efficiency with the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

With increased visibility enabled by the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform, you can focus your resources and use automation to manage workflows more efficiently.

  • Redeploy internal cyber security analysts on higher value tasks based on increased efficiencies in Skybox.
  • Reduce the meantime to detect and the meantime to remediate.
  • Automated processes decreased the necessity for manual intervention.
  • Skybox’s straightforward interface and available data allow you to optimize firewalls and internal policies quicker than other solutions.
  • As your users improve their proficiency with Skybox, it will lead to additional incremental efficiency improvements.

Skybox provides a prioritized list of vulnerabilities to remediate on the vulnerability management suite leading to the reduction on the time to do remedial work on the IT state primarily. So, we went from months to weeks to days depending on the criticality of the exposure.”

Director of cybersecuritymanufacturing organization

Save money through security stack consolidation

On average organizations have upward of 75 security technologies in their environment; however, they haven’t realized the full benefit of these solutions. Despite investment in many tools, organizations are challenged to optimize all of their technologies, controls, and people resources. The Skybox platform aggregates and centralizes complete sets of data that reflect the security controls and network configurations across all domains, allowing you to visualize and gain full context and understanding of your attack surface.

  • Identify solutions that are not fully optimized and in some cases, are no longer necessary
  • Reevaluate your security stack; decommission or downgrade unnecessary regional or enterprise tools related to vulnerability, firewall, network policy management, and reporting and analytics toolsets.
  • Unlocking value through efficiencies and insights across your current security stack.
  • Re-evaluate end-to-end processes for their teams and driving efficiencies.

50% savings

by deploying Skybox and consolidating redundant or unnecessary tools


net present value

Skybox Security Posture Management Platform provides exponential value

Improved employee satisfaction

Skybox capabilities help decrease employee burnout as individuals spend less time on menial tasks, freeing up more time to engage in higher-value work.

Consolidate processes to reduce IT/OT convergence risk

Skybox helps companies better manage their combined IT and OT environments. Customers said their organizations were able to decrease their risk exposure while creating visibility across teams to drive consensus on the prioritization of exposed vulnerabilities.

Consolidate and streamline internal rulesets

Companies can use Skybox’s capabilities to fast-track decisions by eliminating redundant policies and consolidating firewall rulesets on a continual basis.

Decrease external audit failures

Organizations can decrease the occurrence of failures while protecting brand equity by leveraging improved data and reporting to satisfy auditors’ feedback and questions.

Drive incremental operational efficiencies

Companies see long-term benefits from increased adoption of Skybox’s capabilities to drive incremental operational efficiencies. The holistic security operations team improves processes across their organization’s end-to-end security stack.

Increase topline revenue growth as a result of achieving federal compliance standards

Through the audit trail, data, and analytic capabilities of Skybox’s solutions, companies see the potential for future growth through obtaining business certifications and opening the door to new potential customer segments.

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