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Technical Support

Things can get tricky from time to time. We offer flexible support service packages based on your needs.

Technical Support Programs

Standard technical support

Standard Support provides access to the support knowledge base, support portal and support hotline to help troubleshoot problems and mitigate issues. During the term of your support contract, these resources enable you to submit and manage your support cases; take advantage of the latest security features; download software, upgrades, updates, and patches and review Skybox Security product documentation.

Premium support

If your business has 24-hour operations and doesn’t stop for weekends or holidays, Premium Support is the right choice for you. With global coverage and highly trained technical support engineers, Premium Support provides all the features of Standard Support with the added benefit of 24×7 availability, ensuring a response even outside of normal business hours. Premium support also provides your business with a faster Initial Response time SLA across all three Severity levels, assuring a response in as little as two hours (or less) for mission-critical incidents.

Skybox platform operation remote engineer

The Skybox Platform Operation Remote Engineer is a Skybox Security resource working with and managed by your team, providing technical and remote operational assistance for the Skybox platform. As a trained Skybox employee, these engineers have unprecedented access to Skybox resources and teams including support, professional services, research and development, product, and solution teams. This expertise and access enables them to communicate your use cases and requirements directly to Skybox, so your needs are addressed quickly and accurately.

Learn more about this technical resource, including scope, capabilities, responsibilities, and more in the adjacent brochure.

Customer support

File a support ticket or explore documentation:

Security incident reporting:

Report security issues or concerns within the Customer Support or Partner portals.

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