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Build a robust IT/OT security approach

Unlock complete attack surface visibility, analytics, and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments with a security posture management platform.

Learn how to:
  • Build a network model to gain attack surface visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Centralize management of traditional and cloud-native security controls.
  • Normalize and standardize current security controls across IT/OT environments.
  • Gain a wider breadth of data collection and discovery beyond scanning.
  • Improve risk scoring methodology by factoring in network exposure.
  • Get prescriptive risk-based vulnerability remediation capabilities beyond patching.

No industry is safe from cyberattacks, but industrial and manufacturing organizations are particularly vulnerable due to a unique set of risk factors. Connected physical systems in industrial and manufacturing environments are increasingly exposed to the outside world and to potential cyberattacks. When IT and OT systems converge, they magnify the possibility of exposure. The risks are real: Skybox security researchers observed 300% more industrial IoT vulnerabilities in 2020. Meanwhile, 38% of ICS computers in oil and gas industry fell victim to cyberattacks in 2020, while 25% of reported ransomware attacks struck manufacturing companies.

Risk factors for IT/OT networks include:

  • Rapid adoption of cloud, IoT and IIoT in manufacturing.
  • OT migrations lead to an increase in digitally connected physical systems.
  • New devices use manufacturer’s security default settings.
  • Legacy devices are difficult or impossible to patch.
  • Increasing number of attacks on the supply chain.
  • Increasing number of OT and industrial IoT vulnerabilities discovered.
  • Evolving aggressive and multi-stage cyberattacks.
  • Limited remediation options or lack of knowledge of non-patch remediations.
  • Business-critical networks and health and safety concerns limit downtime.

With a unified security posture management platform, you can unlock complete visibility, analytics, and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments. Your security teams will gain the insights needed to identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures. You’ll be able to optimize security policies, actions, and change processes to improve security efficacy and efficiency across the enterprise.


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