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Cybersecurity risk underestimated by operational technology organizations

Research finds OT security faces OT network complexity, functional silos, supply chain risk, and limited vulnerability remediation options.

Learn the five steps to shore up OT security, including:
  • Strengthen your security posture management.
  • Implement automation to ensure continuous compliance.
  • Find exposed vulnerabilities with a network model.
  • Eliminate silos for unified security efforts.
  • Remediate with options that go beyond patching.

Research study reveals OT organizations have a lot to be concerned about. Fifty-five percent of all respondents are highly confident that their organization will not experience an OT security breach in the next year, yet 83% said they had at least one OT security breach in the past 36 months. Find out why OT systems and OT devices are ripe for attackers, and the OT environment is extremely difficult to secure.

This research paper explores the following topics:
  • CISO disconnect between perception and reality; utilities overconfidence foreshadows future breaches.
  • Reliance on cyber liability insurance as a security ‘strategy’.
  • Maintaining compliance is a top security concern.
  • Third-party access to the network and IoT and IIoT devices are top security risks.
  • Maintaining uptime and availability and multivendor technologies are a top challenge.
  • Network misconfigurations, adherence to security controls, and network segmentation are problematic.
  • Functional silos lead to fragmented security approaches.

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