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Vulnerability and threat trends mid-year report 2021

Critical infrastructure emerges as a top concern among the dizzying rate of vulnerability growth during the first half of 2021. Proactive security posture management is a winning strategy.

Read report to:
  • Examine why critical infrastructure is increasingly at risk.
  • Understand how the growth of new malware types impacts your business risk.
  • Learn why you can’t rely solely on CVSS scores to understand your true risk.
  • Discover how exposure analysis can help you proactively reduce risk.

Cybercrime thrives in times of instability, and it’s hard to think of a more disruptive period for enterprises than the past year and a half. This paper reveals a threat landscape that’s expanding and diversifying at a dizzying rate. Vulnerabilities are increasing, particularly in sensitive areas such as operational technology (OT) and network devices, putting vital infrastructure at risk. Sample of the research findings include:

  • New vulnerabilities in OT devices increased by 46%.
  • Ransomware grew by nearly 20%.
  • Crypojacking more than doubled, becoming the top malware type.
  • New vulnerabilities exploited in the wild increased by 30%.

A scattershot approach to vulnerability management, which overlooks many actual risks while overstating others, is a losing strategy in an era of exploding security threats and vulnerabilities. Enterprises need precise, exposure-based solutions that cut through the noise, pinpoint the real security threats, and enable practical, cost-effective remediations. 

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