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Risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation

Prioritize vulnerabilities with the greatest cyber exposure risk with Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Management.

Learn how to:
  • Increase accuracy of vulnerability assessment.
  • Prioritize and identify optimal remediation options.
  • Reduce overall network risk profile, cyber threat exposure and resource costs.
  • Accelerate time to remediation.

Digital transformation has accelerated, organizations have rapidly migrated to the cloud, and security has elevated to become a board-level concern. With the continuing increase of vulnerabilities, accurately representing exposure is fundamental to keep remediation focused on eliminating the most critical risks. Today’s complex network demands vulnerability management tools that support a risk-based approach to prioritization. Learn how you can accurately identify the most dangerous vulnerabilities with cyber exposure analysis and mitigate business risk across the entire threat landscape.

Risk-based vulnerability prioritization:
  • Automates vulnerability analysis based on severity, asset importance, exploitability, and exposure.
  • Assigns straightforward, trackable risk scores to vulnerabilities, assets, and groups.
  • Prioritizes patches that will have the biggest impact on risk reduction.

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