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Transforming vulnerability management

Conduct exposure analysis to transform vulnerability management. Prioritize better and increase efficacy of vulnerability remediation.

Learn how to determine:
  • What vulnerabilities will be accessible?
  • What policies will be violated?
  • How can my SIEM understand which hosts are at the highest risk given constant changes in the network and ongoing vulnerability discovery?

Cyber exposure analysis – the superpower to finding and fixing your most dangerous vulnerabilities. Digital transformation is moving forward at the speed of light, challenging security teams to balance the needs of their business with the imperative to prevent cyber security attacks. There is no question that advanced technologies help businesses expand into new markets and increase profits. However, they introduce new vulnerabilities and exposures with accelerated cloud migration and adoption, deployment of newly connected things and systems, increased mobile and distributed users, and business process transformation. How do you know where you are most vulnerable in this maddening hybrid network labyrinth that consists of a growing jumbled mess of tools, devices, firewalls, and policies? Answer? Network model. It sees through the storm, behind the wall, and illuminates the shadows to find pressing dangers.

With the network model, you can answer these questions:
  • Which vulnerabilities on my network are exposed to threat actors and cause the most risk to my organization?
  • If a host on network X was compromised, what other systems in the network are reachable via lateral movement in a potential multi-stage attack?
  • What kind of risk is associated with making this specific firewall change?

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