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Vulnerability discovery with Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Management

Combine traditional scanner data with a passive vulnerability discovery to reach “unscannable” network devices and systems across your network.

Learn how:
  • Increase reliability of the vulnerability management process.
  • Fill in the scanner blind spots to get a complete picture.
  • Consolidate and centralize data for thorough analysis.

Effective cyber security vulnerability and threat management starts with the ability to discover vulnerabilities in your network anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, traditional scanning — performed in prolonged intervals — leads to vulnerabilities popping up unnoticed between scans.  Discover cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities across your attack surface by performing passive, continuous vulnerability assessments on-demand for ongoing visibility into vulnerability status.

With Skybox vulnerability discovery, you can:
  • Find vulnerabilities on demand, including in unscannable network zones and devices.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in hybrid and multi-cloud networks, including containers.
  • Merge and normalize vulnerability data from multiple discovery methods and hybrid environments such as corporate networks, cloud, and OT networks.
  • Use accurate and comprehensive discovery data to conduct exposure analysis and set priorities.

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