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Vulnerability Control

Develop a vulnerability program management strategy that accurately analyzes vulnerability exposure risk across the attack surface. Prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities.

Learn how to:
  • Visualize the entire attack surface across IT/OT, datacenter, campus, and cloud environments.
  • Understand which vulnerabilities are exposed and susceptible to an immediate and imminent attack.
  • Utilize a combination of scan-less and scanning technology to ensure full coverage of the environment while minimizing business disruption.
  • Relentlessly and consistently capture and update vulnerability repositories for an accurate view of risk posture.

While companies accelerate cloud adoption and secure a newly distributed workforce, the volume and complexity of vulnerabilities have also increased. To prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities, companies need to see and understand the full context of their attack surface across the network, cloud, and security infrastructure.  Zero in on your most dangerous vulnerability exposure risks — fast. Find where you are exposed to cyberattacks, quantify exploitation risk, prioritize vulnerabilities, and choose optimal remediation strategies.

With Skybox Vulnerability Control you can:
  • See everything in a single dashboard.
  • Act on what really matters.
  • Validate remediation of high priority vulnerabilities.
  • Refine the data aggregation processes that build and maintain the corporate network model.
  • Have a single source of vulnerability truth.

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