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Prioritize vulnerabilities with the greatest cyber exposure risk

Singaporean Government agency turned to Skybox to transform and simplify their vulnerability management practice to rapidly identify and prioritize their most critical threats.

Learn how you can:
  • Focus on the most critical risks and prioritize vulnerabilities.
  • Accelerate time to remediation.
  • Increase accuracy of vulnerability assessment.

This Singaporean central government agency is responsible for managing and countering security threats across multiple government departments and sectors. They turned to Skybox to transform and simplify their vulnerability management practice to rapidly identify, prioritize, and effectively remediate their most critical threats across a disparate number of agency systems.

Business challenge

Understanding true exposure

The agency is a first-rate technology organization that drives innovation and delivers state-of-the-art capabilities. Recently, they built a SOC for monitoring services, promoting safety and enabling the cyber security of various government agencies. Despite this, they are no strangers to complexities. As the service acquired new agencies, the managed IT environment exponentially grew to over 30,000 assets and is continuously increasing.

They realized that scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities are not enough. They did not have the time or resources to manage thousands of vulnerabilities manually. In addition, the scanner’s inability to provide context on security data and prioritize vulnerabilities, they could not focus on their most critical risks, and there was no way to prioritize and remediate their vulnerabilities effectively.

To match the agency’s pace of growth and to make meaningful strides in risk reduction, it was time to deploy a vulnerability management solution from Skybox.


Vulnerability assessment and prioritization

The agency chose Skybox Vulnerability Control to give them a complete picture of its assets and to radically improve its efficiency with prioritizing, tracking, and remediating threats. The solution was deployed across multiple agencies, comprising 2,000 to over 10,000 assets.


Vulnerability Control

Reimagine a vulnerability program management strategy that accurately analyzes vulnerability exposure risk across the entire attack surface.


Remediating where it matters most

Vulnerability Control enabled the firm to scale the effectiveness of their security teams to meet SLAs and optimize their resources to focus on remediating critical vulnerabilities rather than wasting valuable time manually creating pivot tables and spreadsheets.

With Skybox, the organization could mitigate threats quickly. Using the attack simulation, they could visualize all potential attack vectors that a new vulnerability or attack could create. Skybox’s network modeling capabilities proved to be exceptionally valuable to this agency.

Skybox’s network modeling understands the complexity of our network architecture, access, and interaction and supports all the crazy stuff that exists in our network today. We see longevity in our partnership with Skybox."
Singaporean Government agency

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