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Gain attack surface visibility & improved vulnerability remediation

Global analytics and digital solutions provider, with a prominent presence in India, needed visibility into its attack surface and the ability to prioritize its vulnerability remediation.

Learn how you can:
  • Get a unified view of all vulnerabilities across networks.
  • Prioritize remediation of critical vulnerabilities.
  • Get full visibility of attack surface.
  • Meet benchmark SLAs.

This Indian analytics and digital solutions company has an expertise in transformation, data science, and change management. With the sheer scale of operations involved combined with a complex layer of security tools installed across their network, they needed a robust cyber risk management program in place. They wanted to prioritize vulnerabilities across their existing network infrastructure without disrupting its operations. They chose Skybox to obtain total network visibility and to conduct more accurate and timely assessments without disrupting the network.

Business challenge

Driving automation & effective vulnerability prioritization

Due to the sheer scale of operations involved, combined with a complex layer of security tools installed across their network, the company needed a robust cyber risk management program in place. One of their requirements was that the solution should work with the organization’s installed base of firewalls, scanners, and IPS such as Palo Alto, Qualys, and McAfee.

We wanted a single vendor who could help us attain effective vulnerability and policy management.”
Indian analytics and digital solutions company

This organization had close to 120 firewalls, 900 routers and 7000 endpoints. They recently went through several acquisitions, expanding their scope of work into healthcare analytics, data, AI, and cloud engineering. As a result, their vulnerabilities were mounting to almost 130,000. They had vulnerability scanners installed in their network; however, those scanners could not zero down the most critical vulnerabilities. This had a direct impact on the time taken to remediate vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, this is a common issue many large enterprises face. It kept their security teams from working on more critical tasks and made the remediation process more time-consuming, risky, and costly.

Today’s cyber attackers are increasingly using sophisticated mechanisms to target organizations. To stay cyber resilient and proactive, this IT consulting & services company chose to deploy Skybox Security’s security policy and vulnerability management solution.


Secure your expanding attack surface

Gain insights that help eliminate vulnerabilities and optimize security policy management.


Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

The organization implemented various modules from Skybox Security’s suite of solutions: Firewall Assurance, Network Assurance, and Vulnerability Control. With the Vulnerability Control module, they could have visibility into their complete network and drastically improve the rate at which they could discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. The Firewall Assurance and Network Assurance modules also helped them automate and optimize their policy management. It took them just three months to deploy these solutions in their environment, and it was one of the fastest deployments in the region.

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Compliance benchmarks and holistic network visibility

After implementing Skybox Vulnerability Control, the organization considerably reduced critical vulnerabilities from 50,000 to just 150. Not just that, the time taken to meet SLAs was as remarkably low as only four business days. In addition, scans are done weekly, and the Vulnerability Control module helps them prioritize vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.

One of their challenges was reducing time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. They chose Skybox Security Policy Management solution to drive security automation. This helped them achieve rule and configuration compliance and gain complete network visibility. Skybox’s network modeling is a unique feature that continually collects, aggregates, and normalizes security control data and turns it into insight that helps decision-makers zero in on vulnerabilities. Its path analysis and attack simulation capability help proactively visualize potential attack vectors and prevent critical breaches. This organization can now comply with regulatory standards such as NIST, ISO 27002, and HIPPA.

Skybox recently also added the ability to quantify cyber risk exposure in financial terms to help organizations pinpoint cyber risks with the highest potential financial impact.

With a wholesome approach towards vulnerability management that considers exposure, CVSS score, exploitability, and asset importance, we feel more confident securing our network architecture. Furthermore, its wide range of integrations clubbed with the ability to automate security processes enables us to meet our benchmark SLAs while keeping stakeholders apprised. In addition, the attack simulation and network modeling competencies are quite impressive and unmatched in the industry."
Indian analytics and digital solutions company

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