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Secure your expanding attack surface

Gain insights that help eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities and optimize network security policy management.

Learn how to:
  • Reduce risk by eliminating vulnerability exposures to potential cyberattacks
  • Maintain compliance with greater oversight of security controls
  • Improve business resilience with an optimized and consistent security posture
  • Maximize the efficiency of human resources

Work has changed greatly, and so has the technology that supports it. As organizations adopt new technologies and transform their networks, their attack surface increases. Rapid expansion into new environments can result in technology sprawl, which leads to greater security risks due to misconfigurations and lack of visibility. Compounding the problem, vulnerabilities are increasing, and threat actors are taking advantage. Many of these exploits target technologies deployed hastily during the pandemic, such as VPNs, load balancers and cloud environments.

To identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures, you need complete visibility into your entire hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT network environments and the tools to plan, implement and maintain a strong security posture. With a security posture management platform, you can analyze and validate the security configurations of enterprise, cloud, and OT environments and gain a complete picture of your attack surface. Your network and security teams will be able to accurately measure risk, implement the best remediation solutions, and optimize security policies, actions, and change processes across all environments.

Achieve a holistic view of your attack surface by:
  • Collecting data from a breadth of networking, security, OT and cloud devices and asset repositories
  • Building a map of your network topology and associated assets across all environments
  • Centrally managing your security controls
  • Using a multidimensional network model that emulates your unique multi-domain network to test configuration changes
Strengthen cybersecurity controls by:
  • Optimizing and harmonizing security rules across the organization
  • Creating customized workflows that review rules as networks change
  • Proactively assessing security policy violations and vulnerability exposure before changes go live
  • Efficiently managing the entire rule lifecycle from creation to deprovisioning
Proactively manage your security posture and pre-emptively remediate vulnerabilities by:
  • Discovering vulnerabilities across unscannable assets, network devices, CMDBs, custom vulnerability databases and more
  • Prioritizing and scoring cybersecurity risks effectively based on exposure analysis across your unique environment
  • Applying the most effective vulnerability remediation capabilities (beyond patching)

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