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Network Assurance

Network visibility and contextual intelligence power network security management across complex hybrid networks.

Learn how to:
  • Gain visibility of your cyber risk exposure with end-to-end path analysis across traditional, cloud, and OT networks.
  • Uncover potential attack vectors and reduce your attack surface.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and exposures within your hybrid network infrastructure and mitigate potential exploits.

As networks expand and grow more complex, network operations teams have more devices and cloud workloads to manage. They also have an increasingly fragmented set of controls, functional silos, staffing issues, and inconsistent network security policy enforcement. Without total visibility of their network health and security policy management, IT teams struggle with network outages, compliance issues, audit failures, and cyberattacks. Discover how network visibility and contextual context – provided by a network model – reveals vulnerability dangers otherwise unseen. Teams need a complete picture of their network topology to protect investments, simplify audit and compliance, and maximize security efficacy.

With Skybox Network Assurance you can:
  • Collect and normalize data from all L3 network devices, public and private clouds, software-defined data centers, and OT networks.
  • Correlate all access control lists, security tags, routing rules, NATs, proxies, VPNs and more.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity problems and identify root causes.
  • Automate compliance tasks and validate requirements for network configurations, security zone policies, network zones, routers, and switches.

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