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Skybox Cloud Edition

A Software-as-a-Service SaaS Continuous Exposure Management Platform that combines infrastructure context with threat intelligence.

  • See how Skybox Cloud Edition seamlessly aligns with your cloud migration strategy.
  • Get rapid on-boarding and offload administrative tasks.
  • Learn how continuous monitoring by Skybox experts will optimize performance and security.
  • Relax – with guaranteed service levels for availability and reliability.
  • Discover limitless scalability.
  • Enjoy instant access to the latest innovations and new releases.

Prevent breaches before they happen. Get the intelligence and context you need to reduce cyber exposure and do it all at cloud speed, with Skybox Cloud Edition.

Skybox Cloud Edition enables you to seamlessly align with your cloud strategy through a Continuous Exposure Management Platform that delivers unprecedented visibility of your expanding attack surface as you migrate workloads to the cloud.

Rapid onboarding accelerates time to value by offloading to Skybox administrative tasks such as server installation, maintenance, and application health monitoring, leaving you free to focus valuable technical resources where they are most needed.

Continuous monitoring by Skybox experts ensures the optimum performance of your solution, eliminating bottlenecks and helping you identify and remediate potential issues, with minimal operational burden on your teams.

Guaranteed service levels ensure solution availability and reliability. Whatever the task, from firewall certification and network path analysis to vulnerability discovery, risk assessment, and threat mitigation, Skybox Cloud Edition delivers the immediate, actionable intelligence you need.

Limitless scalability to manage network security policies, and remediate vulnerabilities and exposures across the largest and most complex on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks.

Get instant access to product innovations and new releases; Skybox Cloud Edition is always up to date with the latest new features including advanced risk scoring, malware identification by asset and vulnerability, and cyber risk quantification (CRQ), helping you stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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