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Firewall Assurance

Mitigate risk and improve cyber hygiene with firewall rule lifecycle management.

Learn how to:
  • Detect access policy violations, rule conflicts, and misconfigurations.
  • Ensure compliance for configurations, rules, and firewall access.
  • Identify vulnerabilities within your firewalls and mitigate potential exploits leveraging Skybox Threat Intelligence.

Organizations need to ensure that the right security policies are in place to protect their investments and maximize their security efficacy. But as networks expand and grow, network security teams are juggling the management of more siloed security devices from more vendors than ever before. Without centralized management of their network security policies, IT teams cannot make effective use of their existing firewall investments and apply firewall rule best practices. This inability to connect and see clearly means firewall security teams risk facing compliance issues, firewall audit failure, and cyberattacks. Discover how a centralized firewall rule management tool enables better compliance reporting, rule-based optimization, simplified policy management, and rule re-certification.

With Skybox Firewall Assurance you can:
  • Centrally manage traditional, next-gen, virtual, and cloud-based firewalls and secure access service edge (SASE) solutions from multiple vendors.
  • Implement firewall security policy best practices.
  • Automate and improve cyber hygiene tasks, including logging and firewall security configuration.
  • Find and eliminate redundant, shadowed, or overly permissive firewall rules.
  • Use in conjunction with Network Assurance to manage east-west and north-south traffic easily and effectively.
  • Use in conjunction with Change Manager to automate firewall change management process.

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