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Service provider reduces firewall management costs while strengthening security posture

Discover how a service provider developed firewall change management best practices to reduce firewall management costs and strengthen overall cyber security.

Learn how to:
  • Improve change management and reduce firewall maintenance costs.
  • Accelerate change implementation with confidence that changes made were as intended.
  • Reduce the overall network risk profile.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with PCI and ISO 27001.

Service providers with large complex networks struggle to ensure new firewalls deploy with the proper rules. These companies often lack clarity if they are meeting compliance requirements. As a result, more service providers are turning to a more comprehensive closed-loop network change management suite of solutions to face a worsening threat landscape.

With Skybox, the service provider was able to:
  • Understand the network infrastructure.
  • Flag firewall clean-up and optimization as a critical initiative.
  • Address policy compliance and implement a robust and closed-loop change management process.
  • Apply capabilities to reduce the network’s risk profile.

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