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Change Manager

Automate change management workflows for more accurate risk assessments.

Learn how to:
  • Manage and automate workflows for firewall rule creation, change verification, rule recertification, and deprovisioning.
  • Easily review rules for recertification or deprovisioning to keep firewalls clean, secure, and compliant.
  • Validate rules and reduce rollbacks and unnecessary changes with proactive assessments.
  • Implement firewall change management best practices.

Change management in information security is hard. As business needs change, organizations need to be nimble and manage complex rulesets and change workflows efficiently and effectively across hybrid multi-cloud environments. As networks expand and become more fragmented, the firewall change management process becomes increasingly difficult. Configuration and compliance management are wrought with risk. IT teams face increasing challenges to build and maintain a robust rule lifecycle management process across functional silos to guard against threats and vulnerabilities. Security teams demand security that can analyze hybrid network topology and attack surface and deliver contextual insights across the entire change management workflow process. With automated rule lifecycle management, compliance audits are faster, rule changes are more precise, and cyber security risk assessments are more efficient.

With Skybox Change Manager you can:
  • Aggregate all business, policy, and configuration requirements.
  • Ensure accurate path identification in NAT-rich environments.
  • Discover if proposed firewall rule changes could expose previously protected vulnerable assets, create security gaps, or violate policies.
  • Integrate with your existing change management ticketing system to centralize and formalize change requests and comply with audit requirements.
  • Assign metadata to created rules including rule owner, review date, and other details.

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