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Maintain continuous compliance and alleviate audit pressure

Reduce cybersecurity risks and costs associated with network security policy non-compliance and failed audits.

Learn how to:
  • Improve business continuity and avoid the costs of a failed audit
  • Gain executive visibility into compliance posture
  • Free up time for IT to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the business

As organizations continue their digital transformation, compliance is becoming more difficult. Organizations are obliged to comply with applicable industry and country regulations, as well as their own internal policies. To make matters worse, regulations are changing in response to our increasingly digital lives. It’s an uphill battle to stay on top of changes, particularly with limited compliance budgets and legacy processes.  The cost of non-compliance is not only expensive, but also largely hidden. A failed audit can result in business disruption, legal fees, reputational damage, and customer churn.

To understand your compliance status, you need complete visibility into digital environments and the tools to continuously comply with applicable regulations. You need a platform that gathers information about security status from enterprise, cloud, and OT environments together and evaluates them against your applicable compliance frameworks. Data analysis and automation help remediate vulnerabilities, automate change management, and prepare customized reports.

Achieve a holistic view across your attack surface
  • Leverage out-of-the-box assessments for PCI-DSS, NERC, NIST, STIG and more
  • Configure custom policy templates for your own unique needs
  • Unify management of internal and external policies
  • Analyze rules and access paths across your hybrid network
  • Continuously validate device configurations from a central location
Streamline compliance processes
  • Automate and schedule audits and compliance reporting
  • Simplify and validate changes with automated change management workflows
  • Track compliance daily with automated workflows
  • Automate your rule recertification process
Reduce the risk of compliance violations
  • Continually assess configurations for vulnerabilities and policy violations
  • Manage policy violations and exceptions with custom workflows

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