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Network security policy management tips and tricks

Simplify security policy management with analytic-driven automation to handle compliance monitoring, audits, change management, and more.

Learn how to:
  • Identify misconfiguration in firewalls.
  • Streamline security procedures.
  • Optimize firewall performance.
  • Track changes on firewalls.
  • Customize dashboards and widgets.

Many organizations struggle to create firewall rule bases due to a lack of knowledge and documentation about network flows between their devices and applications. During this session, you’ll learn how Skybox automates rule access and configuration compliance analysis across hybrid networks, giving you continuous insight.

You’ll also learn to create, recertify, and deprovision firewall rules with automated change workflows that assess compliance, security gaps, and vulnerability exposures. And discover how to leverage firewall best practices to help organizations create a firewall rule base from scratch to bolster security against an expanding threat surface. See how automated audits free up security teams and save months of work. Understand the process to meet compliance standards in any environment. Learn how to provision the new firewall rule base for accurate firewall rule lifecycle management.