2023 Vulnerability Report highlights need for Exposure Management

Take a deeper look at the latest vulnerability and threat trends to better identify security risks and build a more robust security program.

One of the best ways to better secure your organization is to look at trends happening in the wild. That’s why Skybox Security releases an annual Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report – to better arm security professionals with data they can use to better secure their organizations. The report analyzes data and statistics from our internal Skybox research labs, public vulnerability databases, and third party threat feeds to provide you context and insights to build a more robust security program.

Recently, Silicon Angle reported on the findings of the report. They spoke to Ran Abramson, threat intelligence analyst at Skybox Research Lab, who shares that “2022 was a record-setting year for vulnerabilities, indicating that attacks are escalating in both speed and impact.” With over 25k new vulnerabilities published, there was a 25% year-over-year increase – and the biggest rise seen since 2017.

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The article emphasizes the need for multi-faceted risk assessments, that consider the whole scope of your vulnerabilities (including business context, exposure and exploitability). By prioritizing vulnerabilities that are most critical to your organization, you’re better able to focus your efforts and have a greatest impact on reducing your risk.

Mr Abramson goes on to state that “Given the overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, cybersecurity teams need to transition away from reactive methods and embrace continuous exposure management.” Moreover, he said, economic pressures and ongoing cybersecurity talent shortages make continuous exposure management a cost-effective approach. “By adopting this proactive approach, teams with limited resources can avoid overloading and concentrate on the risks that matter to their business.”

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