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Vulnerability reporting and oversight

Get a single, comprehensive view of your cybersecurity risk that includes prioritization of vulnerabilities based on exposure, your quantified risk scores, and optimal remediation options.

Are you accurately measuring and reporting risk to the board?

Producing reports is often manual and time-consuming.

Establish an understanding of risk ownership across the business. Provide extensive, out-of-the-box, and customizable dashboards and reports to each business owner with their security risks.

It is a challenge to meet remediation SLAs because of network complexity and huge volumes of vulnerabilities.

More efficiently utilize your resources by focusing them on the highest risk areas, as seen in your dashboards.

It is hard to know if you are remediating the riskiest vulnerabilities without full context and visibility.

Included in your dashboards are risk scores that we uniquely calculate based on asset importance, exploitability, exposure, and CVSS. With this insight, you can then be more efficient and effective with your remediation efforts.

Understand cyber exposure with robust vulnerability reporting.

Knowledge is power

Do you struggle to assess risk because there is such a large volume of CVSS rated critical vulnerabilities?

With a more accurate risk score calculated based on contextualized data, you can see where your organization is exposed to a risk of attack.

It can be difficult to answer the question 'where are we?' without clear program metrics to govern your vulnerability management program.

Reduce mean time to remediate with a personalized view into multiple remediation options.

It is not easy to know if you have effective controls in place to isolate and manage vulnerabilities.

Validate that you have sufficient controls by modeling your network. You can get the insight and context you need to ensure that you are focusing your efforts on the most exposed vulnerabilities.

Find out what steps your security team needs to take to eliminate your organization’s riskiest vulnerabilities.

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