Security Consulting Programs – Deployment Services

Skybox Deployment Services was designed with the customer in mind – to provide them with everything they need to begin using their Skybox solutions. In addition to installation and configuration help work with the customer to identify additional internal use cases to leverage the products, and conduct  in-depth knowledge transfer.

Deployment Services offered: Strategy Development

  • Outline your security risk management goals
  • Design the most effective deployment architecture
  • Assess available information sources for network modeling
  • Define requirements for custom reporting and executive dashboards

Setup and Configuration

  • Determine target installation environment based on your needs
  • Install Skybox View platform components (Server, Managers and Collectors)
  • Build initial Integrated Security Model (ISM) and validate it with you
  • Configure applications, analysis, and reporting

Knowledge Transfer        

  • Schedule updates for network configuration data into the model
  • Back-up and maintain the Integrated Security Model
  • Configure analyses, reports and alerts
  • Manage and investigate vulnerability reports and alerts
  • Understand how risk is calculated and how to monitor it regularly
  • Use the report generator to deliver customized reports
  • Choose the best policy for handling vulnerability exposures and policy violations
  • Build and manage an effective Remediation Program
  • Create user roles and access privileges

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