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De-risk IT/OT convergence

No company is safe from cyberattacks, but those with OT environments are particularly vulnerable. Eliminate OT security blind spots, reduce risk, and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks. Unlock complete visibility, analytics and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Maintaining uptime and availability is a must-have for OT infrastructure.

Reduce human error and ensure uptime. We combine, model, and analyze data from IT and OT networks so you can make smarter remediation decisions without risking downtime.

Do you need better intelligence and insights to mitigate risks when adding new technology?

Resolve vulnerability exposures quickly and effectively. Continuously monitor the network to detect exposure risk sooner and automate workflows to reduce remediation time.

Managing separate environments with disparate sets of tools leads to unmanageable complexity and operational inefficiencies.

Resolve issues faster across both IT and OT environments. Increase operational efficiencies by consolidating and centralizing data across both environments.

What happens to operational safety if one of your systems goes down in a cyberattack?

Prevent breaches by proactively ensuring your security programs are effective.

New research shows that organizations with OT environments significantly underestimate the risk of cyberattacks.

Are compliance requirements keeping you up at night?

Regulatory compliance requirements are increasing in light of recent critical infrastructure attacks.

Eliminate fines and hidden costs by ensuring you have accurate reports to support audits. Capture valuable policy documentation and produce customized compliance assessments based on your specific business requirements.

Understand the impact of network changes in light of ever-evolving regulatory requirements and internal best practices.

Reduce the risk of a failed audit by validating changes before you make them. Seamlessly recertify rules to ensure validity.

Coordinate more effectively across security, IT, and OT teams to resolve compliance issues.

Collaborate more effectively to close issues faster. Get greater visibility with dashboards that go across silos and capture the entire hybrid network infrastructure and security controls.

Get a complete view of the current state of the entire infrastructure across physical IT, multi-cloud, and OT networks.

You’re only human

Will misconfigurations open your network to bad actors?

Increase security efficacy and reduce your risk profile. Automate change validation and establish consistent processes between IT and OT networks.

Network segmentation is difficult when you have to analyze multiple systems.

Reduce human error and improve efficiency with a network model. View everything in one place with context and quickly analyze all paths that connect to your network segments, zones, and individual assets.

Disjointed architectures across IT and OT environments are a recipe for disaster.

Create consistent remediation approaches by collecting, normalizing, and optimizing policies across both environments in a unified view.

Build a multi-dimensional model of your attack surface to create a single source of truth for security and operational data.

OT vulnerabilities grew 46% in the first half of 2021 Now what?

If you can't see your entire OT infrastructure, you don’t have a complete picture of your risk.

Adhere to security controls within your cybersecurity framework for your OT environment. Build a functional model of your attack surface that seamlessly includes your OT environment.

Stay on top of the many IoT and IIoT devices types within your OT environment.

Ensure consistent vulnerability and risk management across OT and IT networks. Aggregate and centralize data from many different device types with no extra effort.

How do you know which vulnerabilities to prioritize?

Significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities to remediate and focus precious resources on vulnerabilities with the most impact to your business.

Can't patch your OT vulnerabilities?

Choose from an optimized set of remediations, including applying IPS signatures, modifying access rules, making network segmentation adjustments, updating and optimizing firewall and security device policies, and optimizing network device configurations.

Find out what steps your security team needs to take to eliminate your organization’s riskiest vulnerabilities.

You don’t need to be an expert in everything

Managing operations across multiple vendors and technologies isn’t easy.

Normalize and optimize data across multiple vendors to get the insight and context you need for mitigation planning.

Do you have the skilled resources you need to manage across all your systems?

Reduce pressure on teams and improve crossfunctional collaboration to increase business resiliency.

Functional silos lead to process gaps and technology complexity.

Create common views, processes, and communications to eliminate silos between security, IT, and OT teams.

Gartner Report: Facing New Vulnerabilities – Cyber-Physical Systems Mandate Changes to Traditional OT Governance

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