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Cybersecurity resources for manufacturing

Secure the manufacturing floor by detecting vulnerabilities on unscanned devices, prioritizing based on exposure, and implementing vulnerability remediation options beyond patching.

Operational technology cybersecurity risk significantly underestimated

OT faces uphill battle comprised of network complexity, functional silos, supply chain risk, and limited vulnerability remediation options

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Functional silos create dysfunctional OT security

Skybox CRO Rob Rosiello discusses new research in which CISOs, Architects, and Engineers say their top challenge in securing the OT infrastructure is "functional silos that...

Three ways to modernize your OT security programs

Research reveals OT vulnerabilities increased by 46%, necessitating a new approach to OT security.

Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Trends Mid-Year Report 2021 reveals emerging security challenges and growing need for exposure analysis

Skybox’s recently published Mid-Year Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2021 found increased activity of cybercrime.

Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report highlights the importance of cyber exposure analysis that goes beyond CVSS rating

If your network security firewalls are breached and data stolen, it might have been those shady characters hanging out by your office fish tank. Sound fishy?...

Cryptomining is hottest new malware type, research reveals

Skybox Research Lab discovers cryptomining is the fastest-growing malware category, signaling trouble ahead for enterprises.

Post-pandemic cyber threats

As we move into a post-Covid world, there are sure to be new cyber threats.

Podcast: The CyberWire interview with Skybox Security Founder & CEO Gidi Cohen

Why vulnerability management should be should a top cybersecurity investment to drastically reduce cyber risk and the attack surface.

Could the “ex-factor” limit the blast radius and reduce the impact of the SolarWinds breach?

Security leaders have long wanted to tackle their most pervasive issues. These include exponential growth of the attack surface and cyber risks as well as diminishing...

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