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Biden’s cybersecurity executive order calls for an expanded scope

The federal government must proactively improve its security posture to prevent cybersecurity breaches. With its large attack surface, the federal government should focus on reducing cyber exposure risk.

Read this report to:
  • Learn why a border-less world requires progressive thinking.
  • Understand why precarious market factors necessitate a modern cybersecurity approach.
  • Find out how cross-functional collaboration should be underpinned by a common view of data.
  • Explore how organizations like the federal government should focus on identifying risk exposure rather than deploying patchwork solutions.
  • Consider the opportunity to provide appropriate incentives.
  • Find out ways that private sector organizations can reduce cyber risk in lieu of federal mandates.

While Biden’s cybersecurity executive order is a good first step, the U.S federal government needs to adopt a new cybersecurity paradigm if it wants to stop cybersecurity breaches. The federal government struggles with many challenges as the private sector, including fragmented infrastructures, siloed functions, decentralized processes, resource constraints, and expertise gaps. A sophisticated threat landscape, increased complexity and speed, and significant resource drain have collectively kept top officials behind the curve of security incidents, enabling substantial breaches. The latest threats have either geopolitical implications or origins; U.S. private sector organizations now face attacks encouraged or enabled by foreign governments. By the time threats emerge, their results are catastrophic, so everyone – the public and private sectors alike – needs to take a more proactive cybersecurity stance.

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