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Skybox Security celebrates 20 years of cybersecurity innovation

Two decades of reimagining how customers reduce cyber risk, increase vulnerability remediation speed and accuracy, ensure continuous compliance, and improve overall cybersecurity program efficacy.

SAN JOSE, Calif.
March 15, 2022
News summary
  • Proprietary cyber risk scoring, exposure analysis, and vendor-agnostic strategy have forever changed how private and public organizations approach cybersecurity
  • Fortune 500, Global 500, government agencies, and critical infrastructure sector customers turn to Skybox to solve their toughest cybersecurity challenges

20 years ago, Skybox Security was founded in Silicon Valley with a mission to provide the best solution for security posture management customers need to prevent breaches. Two decades later, with 10 patents in the areas of network modeling and attack simulation, and over $300 million in funding, Skybox is now a worldwide leader in proactive Security Posture Management. Its proprietary cyber risk scoring, exposure analysis, and automation capabilities have forever changed how private and public organizations approach cybersecurity.

Over the past 20 years, Skybox has squarely focused on reducing our customers’ cyber risk. Our analytics-driven approach provides the insights they need to make better, more informed decisions about their cybersecurity programs. Market factors such as increasing regulatory demands, talent shortages, exponentially growing IT assets on-prem and in the cloud, and escalating sophistication of cyberattacks – along with the associated financial damage – have made Skybox a necessity to any enterprise and government cybersecurity strategy. Looking ahead, our product roadmap includes expanded cloud integrations, security automation capabilities, and vulnerability remediation innovations – all aimed at helping our customers better manage their attack surface to prevent breaches before they happen.”
Gidi Cohen | Founder Skybox Security

The industry’s most comprehensive and accurate cyber exposure analysis

Over the past 20 years, Skybox Security has led a revolution in proactive cybersecurity with its vendor-agnostic approach to risk management. Founded in 2002, Skybox first released the industry’s first commercially available cyberattack simulation engine. The founding team developed the idea following their service in the elite Military 8200 Unit and broad experience in simulation and cybersecurity technologies.

Since its inception, Skybox Security has continued to evolve its security policy and vulnerability management capabilities. In 2021 alone, Skybox delivered the industry’s most comprehensive exposure analysis, along with new risk scoring, automation, and vulnerability management innovations. Today, its Security Posture Management Platform is an essential foundation of global business and government cybersecurity strategies.

According to Forrester Research: “Risks are inherently dynamic, and opportunities present themselves suddenly. At this stage, risk pros should leverage a combination of internal data, tools, and analytics to continuously monitor, review, and adapt to threats, risk events, and changes in the business environment… Agility and speed are key to seize opportunities amid the chaos.”1

Customer demand surges for Skybox Vulnerability Management and automation capabilities

Skybox Security continues significant market share gains in the rapidly growing Vulnerability Management category. This year, Skybox reported the strongest quarter in the company’s history and achieved significant customer expansion in the critical infrastructure sector. Increasing cybersecurity regulations, digital transformation initiatives, and cloud migration fuel demand for its award-winning solutions.

The company’s tremendous growth continues due to the ever-increasing market demand for preventative cybersecurity management while expanding into new verticals and regions. New 2021 customers included Fortune 500, Global 500, major government agencies, and companies operating critical infrastructure in the energy, utilities, manufacturing, defense, and telecommunications sectors. Additionally, increasingly widespread vulnerabilities, including but not limited to Log4j, demand a heightened focus on eliminating cyber exposure ahead of an attack.

“It is important to realize that around 30% of corporate data will never be moved to the cloud due to privacy reasons. Consequently, there is a significant addressable market open to a platform that delivers on-prem and off-prem cybersecurity,” stated Shaul Eyal, Managing Director and Senior Analyst for Cybersecurity and Information Security at Cowen. “The opportunity ahead is sizeable for use cases such as vulnerability management, rule optimization, and analytics. Companies showing strength in these areas are well-positioned to emerge as market leaders.”

About Skybox Security

Over 500 of the largest and most security-conscious enterprises in the world rely on Skybox for the insights and assurance required to stay ahead of dynamically changing attack surfaces. Our SaaS-based Exposure Management Platform delivers complete visibility, analytics, and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization. The vendor-agnostic solution intelligently optimizes security policies, actions, and change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments. With Skybox, security teams can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring enterprises remain protected.

(1) Gauge Your Enterprise Risk Management Program Maturity, Forrester Research, Inc., January 28, 2022,

The industry’s most comprehensive and accurate exposure analysis.


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