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Skybox Security Enhances its Best-in-Class Vulnerability Prioritization Solution

Innovative update enhances vulnerability management to forecast likelihood of vulnerability exploits.

March 6, 2024

Skybox Security, a leading provider of Exposure Management solutions, today announced the release of Skybox 13.2, introducing enhancements to its Vulnerability and Threat Management solution. These powerful updates mark a significant milestone in vulnerability prioritization and attack surface management, empowering organizations with unparalleled clarity and control over their cybersecurity posture.


March 6, 2024

Skybox Version 13.2 – anticipate the future exploitability of vulnerabilities

Discover what’s new in Skybox Version 13.2: Understand the probability that vulnerabilities in the organization will be exploited in the future and better manage cyber exposure.

Traditional vulnerability scanners often struggle to effectively prioritize risks, typically relying on the general severity of vulnerability without accounting for company-specific context. This leaves organizations facing many thousands of critical vulnerabilities and does little to reduce the risk of cyber threats. Skybox offers an advanced Vulnerability and Threat Management solution that effectively tackles the security challenges of vulnerabilities by prioritizing them. This is achieved by combining industry-standard CVSS severity with customer-specific insights such as an asset’s business importance, the network accessibility of a vulnerability, and known exploit data.

This latest version extends the existing multifactor prioritization with new predictive analytics, which score each vulnerability based on the likelihood of a future exploit. By forecasting the probability of a future exploit, prioritization is more precise, focusing teams on vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk.

Prioritization in cybersecurity has always been a juggling act. We recognize that exploitability is paramount in prioritization, as it determines an attacker’s potential for misusing a vulnerability. Armed with the knowledge these new product updates provide, organizations can swiftly identify which vulnerabilities pose the most risk now — and in the future, including ones that may not have an exploit available yet. This actionable intelligence empowers them to make strategic resource allocation decisions, ensuring their defenses are focused on protecting the most vulnerable and valuable assets.”
Mordecai Rosen | Chief Executive Officer Skybox Security
Key features of the new release include:

  • Predictive Vulnerability Exploitability: Skybox’s innovative predictive analytics engine forecasts the likelihood of future vulnerability exploitation, enabling organizations to preemptively address emerging threats before they materialize.
  • Enhanced Attack Surface Management: Users now gain visibility into all applications within the organization, along with their relevant assets and network services, empowering organizations to understand their complete attack surface.
  • Integration with Palo Alto Prisma Cloud: Skybox now incorporates misconfiguration alerts from Palo Alto Prisma Cloud, enhancing asset risk scoring and prioritization across cloud-native technology stacks.
  • Consolidated Vulnerability Management: With support for information technology, operational technology, and cloud vulnerability management initiatives, organizations can streamline their security efforts using Skybox’s comprehensive solution.
  • Immediate Action Recommendations: Detailed analysis and recommended security controls enable organizations to take immediate action to mitigate risks, reducing exposure gaps until patches can be applied.

These enhancements address critical challenges faced by organizations, delivering key benefits like:

  • Customer-Specific Risk Scoring: By factoring in the business impact and exposure of vulnerabilities, organizations can prioritize with precision, focusing on the vulnerabilities that truly matter.
  • Exposure Analysis: Skybox’s understanding of the underlying network infrastructure allows it to factor exposure into prioritization calculations, ensuring that vulnerabilities are addressed based on their real-world risk.
  • Comprehensive Application Visibility: The enhanced Model Explorer provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s application landscape, facilitating a deeper understanding of application interactions and network services.

Organizations no longer have to feel like they are scrambling to stay ahead. By integrating predictive insights, industry-standard metrics, and customer-specific risk-scoring metrics, Skybox empowers organizations to rapidly identify and remediate vulnerabilities, reducing exposure and protecting their critical assets.”
Adi Dubin | Vice President, Product Management Skybox Security

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