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Secure cloud adoption and migration

Business expansion into the cloud is wrought with security challenges. Deployments across multiple cloud environments and technologies make it tough to maintain consistency and isn’t easy to resource. We can help.

Who’s in your cloud?

Do you need more flexibility to deploy across multiple private and public cloud environments?

Support the needs of the business no matter where they are. With Skybox, you can see across your entire hybrid environment to ensure access is authorized.

Eliminating unauthorized access to cloud workloads is a critical risk factor.

Reduce your risk of exposure to a cyberattack. You can analyze access to multiple cloud workloads in both public and private clouds.

The shared security responsibility model with cloud providers is often ambiguous and can cause increased risk during deployment.

Reduce risk by validating access across your hybrid environment.

The diversity of cloud services and public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures makes visibility across cloud and physical environments a major challenge.

Complex environments cause complex problems

Maintaining workload integrity when migrating workloads to the cloud is challenging.

Reduce risk by validating configurations before making changes. Check to make sure you have not caused exposure and ensure compliance.

Managing deployments across multiple cloud vendors and technologies requires specific skills.

Best utilize the resources you have by normalizing and optimizing security policies.

Increased complexity across multiple vendors and technologies makes it difficult to ensure consistency across all environments.

Proactively manage exposure risk by validating configurations before making changes.

Secure cloud adoption and migration: Safely migrate applications and workloads to the cloud and optimize cybersecurity.

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