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Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

Aggregating 35+ feeds into a single threat intelligence database, enhanced with expert analysis, and updated daily, the Skybox Threat Intelligence Service reveals precisely how vulnerabilities could impact your IT assets.

The Skybox Threat Intelligence Service provides:
  • An exhaustive guide to the latest vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis of the assets in the estate hosting exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Evidence of the extent to which each vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild.
  • Identification of IPS signature updates that could be used to remediate each vulnerability.

A foundational component of the Skybox Continuous Exposure Management Platform, our Threat Intelligence Service delivers comprehensive daily threat intelligence. Leverage this aggregated feed to correlate vulnerabilities in your environment with the latest threat intelligence from the Skybox Research Lab:

  • See automatically aggregated threat data from multiple sources, including the National Vulnerability Database, published vulnerability repositories, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence feeds, and vendor IPS signature feeds.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in standard operating systems, browsers, software, databases, firewalls, and network devices.
  • Integrate intelligence data with network security operations without scanning.
Download the Brief for a complete list of included intelligence feeds.

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