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Reduce cyber exposure with risk-based vulnerability management

Implement a threat-based vulnerability management program with the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

Learn how to:
  • Optimize on-premises and cloud security posture
  • Improve attack surface visibility by reducing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Effectively manage existing and new vulnerabilities
  • Leverage a wide variety of vulnerability intelligence sources
  • Understand cyber exposure based on path analysis tools
  • Augment your vulnerability management remediation process with network-based controls
  • Implement advanced scanless detection techniques
  • Improve your patch management SLA.

The Skybox platform implements a sophisticated framework for threat-based vulnerability management

Vulnerability discovery

The Skybox platforms ingests asset and vulnerability information from a wide variety of sources such as Active Vulnerability Assessment tools, specialized OT scanners, generic CMDB and patch management databases, EDRs, container security solutions and more. Advanced scanless detection techniques protect non-scannable assets as well as mitigate the impact of active scanning blind spots on scannable assets.

Vulnerability prioritization: risk scoring

The Skybox platform uses a flexible and customizable risk scoring algorithm to pinpoint the riskiest vulnerabilities and reduce cyber exposure. The factors used are CVSS ratings, asset importance, exposure analysis, and threat intelligence.

Vulnerability prioritization: exposure analysis

Exposure analysis uses the underlying network model and advanced attack simulation between source/destination pairs to model the exposure of an asset or vulnerability to attackers.

Vulnerability remediation

The Skybox platform, based on contextual analysis of IT, multi-cloud and OT environments, can recommend diverse network-based remediation solutions such as IPS signatures and service disabling, in addition to patches and software updates. Such network-based controls mitigate the immediate threat and buy much-need time for IT teams to plan, test, and deploy patches.

Vulnerability reporting

The Skybox platform enables extensive codeless reporting or WYSIWYG reporting through customizable out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

Vulnerability and malware correlation

Vulnerability management and threat hunting teams often work in silos, lacking a common platform for collaboration or integrated, coordinated workflows. The unique Skybox ability to associate underlying vulnerabilities to specific malware variants such as Remote Access Trojans, Ransomware, Botnets, and Cryptocurrency Miners can break these silos, improving productivity of threat hunting teams and resulting in improved Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) across the enterprise.

Cyber risk quantification

The ability to express cyber and operational risks in monetary terms based on potential economic impact of asset loss and probability of loss events is a unique Skybox differentiator that commoditized vulnerability management solutions cannot deliver. Cyber risk quantification introduces an objective, business-driven framework for risk measurement, driving increased relevance with senior stakeholders and board level executives.

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