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Threat Intelligence Service

Improve threat centric vulnerability management. Identify threats and vulnerabilities and mitigate potential exploits within your hybrid networks.

Learn how to:
  • Detect firewall vulnerabilities.
  • Detect network device vulnerabilities.
  • Assess the risk of network changes.

To deploy limited resources in the right places and the right ways, firewall and network security teams need a complete picture of their vulnerabilities, along with appropriate context from their networks and the overall threat landscape. Without threat intelligence at their fingertips, teams can find themselves overwhelmed with too many data feeds and not enough actionable data to accomplish their goals of improving security posture against a treacherous threat landscape. Today, network and security teams need a threat intelligence solution to pre-emptively identify vulnerabilities in firewalls and network infrastructure devices that could pose a significant business risk.

Skybox threat intelligence capabilities include:
  • Get automatically aggregated threat data from sources including the National Vulnerability Database, published vulnerability repositories, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence feeds, vendor IPS signature feeds.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in standard operating systems, browsers, software, and databases.
  • Integrate intelligence data with network security operations without scanning.
  • Correlate vulnerabilities in the environment with those being actively exploited in the wild.
  • Model how network changes could impact security or compliance.

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