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Context-aware change management

As networks rapidly evolve, blind spots proliferate. Gain visibility and understanding across your attack surface to assess rule and policy changes before making them, spot misconfigurations, and identify potential vulnerability exposures.

Changes can be costly

Are you concerned about causing a breach because you can't validate changes?

Limit exposure risk and prevent breaches. Model changes before implementation and conduct path analysis to avoid opening your network to bad actors.

It is challenging to meet compliance requirements when you can't validate changes.

Have confidence that you will meet compliance requirements and not incur hidden costs. Model changes before implementation to validate that you are not exposing vulnerabilities.

Multiple vendors and disparate technologies make change management difficult and resource intensive.

Save time and money by centralizing security change management processes and automating workflows across IT, security, OT, and network teams.

Reduce systemic cybersecurity risk with context-aware change management.

Too many changes, too little time

The sheer volume of daily tasks to manage can be overwhelming.

Zero in on the highest priority tasks and increase your efficiency.

It can be easy to make a mistake with the volume and pace of change requests. Mistakes can lead to breaches.

Prevent breaches by validating changes before you make them.

Complex environments can slow you down.

Automate your workflows across multiple vendors and technologies to increase speed and accuracy.

Automate change management workflows for comprehensive risk assessments.

No resources, no problem

There is not enough time in the day or resources available to keep up with the pace of change.

Automate workflows within the change management process to streamline resources and avoid costly mistakes. You will have a more effective security posture.

Does your organization struggle to meet internal SLAs because of a huge volume of tasks?

Enable an automated cross-functional ticketing process in your architecture. Your organization will benefit from increased responsiveness and faster resolution of issues.

Is lack of visibility across your hybrid infrastructure making it difficult to focus your organization's resources on the right tasks?

Increase precision when addressing critical security challenges with greater visibility into your security estate.

Automation security change management with network context

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