Skybox Threat Manager

Respond to new threat intelligence fast and in the context of your network


Skybox Threat Manager

Skybox Threat Manager keeps you on top of threat intelligence at all times. You’ll know if a new advisory is important to your network, what assets are at stake, and where to start your response.

Threat Intelligence Analysis and Response

Get the latest, most accurate threat alerts in a normalized view, quickly match them to your systems, execute queries and analyze business impact.

Prioritize threats most vital to your network and launch into remediation activities to eliminate them fast

Highlighted Features


Consolidated Threat Intelligence

multiple intelligence sources
normalized into one view

Intelligent Threat Assessment

threat impact analysis
prioritization in the context of what you value most


Focused Threat Response

actions defined
track remediation status


How It Works


Prioritize Threats Based on Potential Business Impact


Use attack surface context to rank threats and prioritize remediation tasks by potential business impact.

Consider threat origins, multi-step attack vectors and additional threat intelligence from Skybox Vulnerability Control for more accurate severity analysis.


Remediate and Report with Ease


Know how to respond to each threat with detailed remediation recommendations.

See threat alerts and bulletins in a standardized view to get an accurate picture of your risk, and assess threats fast for efficient remediation.


Make Threat Assessments an Efficient Process


Automatically analyze volumes of threat data quickly for threats relevant to your network

Threat alerts and bulletins are put into context of your network, and in a standardized language so you can compare the threat with your actual risk. The context provides for efficient remediation of those that leave you exposed.


"The two highest ranking potential improvements focus on obtaining accurate information and the ability to respond quickly to new threats."


- 2015 Vulnerability Management Trends Report


Report: 2015 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Trends

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