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Maintain security compliance and strengthen business continuity

Change management in information security can increase risk. Discover how to manage security compliance and cyber security threats with the distributed workforce and remote operations.

Learn how to:
  • Correctly ensure policies across a more disparate and dispersed network.
  • Automate rule change workflows to streamline management.
  • Securely enable the remote workforce.
  • Employ best practices to mitigate risk.
  • Simplify compliance management.

Maintaining compliance has never been more challenging. Companies need to ensure visibility of connected devices through comprehensive network modeling; control changes impacting remote workers through rule checks and recertification; and establish consistent policy management across cloud environments to reduce the attack surface.

Explore the five steps to maintaining security compliance and business continuity.
  1. Validate all your rule changes before pushing them out.
  2. Validate access policies across your hybrid network.
  3. Harden your change management processes.
  4. Establish proactive rule life cycle management processes.
  5. Maintain processes to optimize and clean up rule sets.