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Zscaler integration simplifies compliance management across complex hybrid networks

Learn hybrid cloud network security best practices. Zscaler enables you to unify cloud security management across hybrid networks for enhanced visibility and risk prioritization.

Learn how to:
  • Deliver a consistent and compliant policy on or off the network.
  • Connect the right users to the right services or applications.
  • Simplify management and allow customers to transition their access policies to a modern cloud architecture.
  • Identify existing, overly permissive rules.

Security teams struggle with the complexities of implementing a cloud security strategy across their hybrid environments. They need a seamless way to deliver a consistent and compliant cloud security policy on or off-network. Combining the Zscaler cloud platform with Skybox’s security policy management solution allows customers to transition their current access policies to a modern cloud architecture.

Discover how you can:
  • Analyze firewalls to ensure they are enforcing desired security policies and proper network segmentation is in place.
  • Examine network paths end to end — between and within networks, including cloud and virtual environments.
  • Use Zscaler Cloud Firewalls to provide necessary access while protecting critical assets.
  • Ensure the firewall rules are created according to best practices, meet security policy requirements, don’t expose vulnerable assets.