How to assess Log4j exposure quickly and accurately with vulnerability prioritization and attack surface analysis

Skybox network model enables you to visualize your attack surface to determine which attack vectors or network paths could be infiltrated

In this 30 second video, you will learn how the Skybox platform provides full context and understanding of your entire attack surface so that you can quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate Log4j vulnerabilities.

See how Skybox:

  • Conducts risk-based vulnerability prioritization of Log4Shell based on CVSS severity, exploitability, asset importance, and exposure;
  • identifies the impacted technology asset;
  • determines where the Log4j vulnerability is being exploited in the wild;
  • and provides vulnerability remediation options beyond patching such as IPS signatures, configuration, software upgrades, and more.

Observe how the Skybox network model provides a comprehensive view of your entire environment.  The model emulates the actual multi-domain network that is unique to your enterprise and provides a comprehensive understanding of the security controls and network configurations in place. By conducting path analysis with the model, you can determine where an attacker is most likely to infiltrate your network utilizing the Log4Shell vulnerability.  With this rapid analysis, you can take proactive measures to protect your environment.