Cybersecurity product consolidation: Skybox customers save 50% by consolidating redundant or unnecessary tools

Reevaluate your security stack. Forrester study shows how Skybox customers consolidate vulnerability, firewall, network policy management, reporting, and analytics toolsets.


Build a more efficient and integrated security infrastructure for the expanding attack surface

Before deploying Skybox, security leaders come to us with frustration about the complexity of their security stack.

The expanding attack surface introduced gaps in their attack surface visibility and data collection. As a result, their resource-constrained teams are burdened with more enterprise blind spots, weak preventative controls, and exposed vulnerabilities.

Efficient cybersecurity doesn’t need to remain out of reach for your organization. With Skybox, we help customers consolidate their security stack by delivering multifunction solutions that address a broad range of today’s and tomorrow’s most prominent cybersecurity challenges.

In a recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study1 Skybox Security commissioned with Forrester Research, customers that implemented the Skybox Security Platform were able to reevaluate their security stacks based on their investment. Six months after implementing Skybox, organizations could retire legacy solutions and decommission or downgrade regional or enterprise tools related to vulnerability, firewall, and network policy management, as well as reporting and analytics toolsets. Thereafter, customers saved half the cost of Skybox.

Increase cybersecurity budget ROI with Skybox Security

Forrester determined the ROI of Skybox Security is 142%. Increase security audit and compliance efficiencies. Reduce the risk of exposure to data breaches. Read Total Economic...

For the study, Forrester interviewed four Skybox customers, aggregating their experiences and results into a single composite organization that is a global conglomerate with more than $2 billion in revenue and 30,000 assets internally across its 15,000-employee base.

Skybox technology consolidation delivers $405,000 in savings over three years

Customers reported that the Skybox capabilities and reporting replaced and improved legacy solutions within their technology stacks. While each organization witnessed different impacts, most were able to retire at least one legacy system. In addition, the interviewees generally ran Skybox concurrently with previous solutions until it was clear that Skybox thoroughly met their needs.

Based on what was learned from the interviewees, the study assumed that the composite organization is about to retire 15,000 legacy licenses in the first year and an additional 15,000 starting in the second year after deployment. As a result, the composite organization has the ability to reevaluate and decommission annual spending on licensing for legacy vulnerability, firewall, and network policy management software, capturing savings of $6 per asset and total three-year security stack technology consolidation gains of $405,000.

“Skybox is definitely doing what it was brought in to do, and I think there is potential in solving some of our other pain points that we have today. I think that would be a missed opportunity if we don’t.”
Information Security Manager Financial Services Company

Skybox delivers long-term benefits through security stack consolidation

In addition to consolidating their security stacks, organizations in the study could see long-term benefits from unlocking value through efficiencies and insights gained across the security stack. Organizations felt Skybox capabilities offer the possibility of reevaluating end-to-end processes for their teams and driving efficiencies.

As a result of these efficiencies, organizations saw a marked improvement in employee satisfaction. The prioritization of vulnerabilities helped bring focus to ongoing work, reduce stress levels, and free up time across security operations teams. Operational efficiencies for vulnerability and policy management also allowed employees to take part in higher-value tasks that were more engaging for the individual and drove more value for the organization.

“(Engineers) were getting burned out. So, this has changed at least one of my engineers’ lives. He actually has said it over and over: ‘this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’ Had it been anyone else, I doubt we would have kept the position filled that long.”
Information Security Manager Financial Services Organization

Security stack optimization: A Skybox platform added value

The Skybox platform aggregates and centralizes complete sets of data that reflect the security controls and network configurations across all domains, allowing you to visualize and gain full context and understanding of your attack surface. After utilizing this comprehensive platform, companies can best reevaluate their security stack and identify the solutions already in their environment that are not fully optimized and, in some cases, no longer necessary. Organizations further glean value from the platform’s flexibility and the efficiencies gained across the security stack and from the more streamlined end-to-end processes.

Talk to an expert to learn how Skybox can help you achieve the cost savings and efficiencies of security stack technology consolidation.:

(1) The Total Economic Impact™ of Skybox Security Posture Management Platform, a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Skybox Security, September 2022