Skybox Security Posture
Management Platform

Our platform doesn’t just serve up data and information, we provide

CISO’s, CIO’s and their teams with intelligence and context to make

informed security decisions.

Improve your security posture

Integrating with over 150 networking, security, cloud and IT management solutions, along with a variety of threat intelligence sources, the Skybox platform offers the crucial context to break-down organization and information silos, while providing total visibility to your hybrid infrastructure and the exposure to emerging threats. Our unique vulnerability and policy management capabilities help you establish a mature and tightly connected security posture management framework that spans across your planning, implementation, and continuous change management workflows.

Zero In on what matters

Reduce cyber exposure and improve business resilience with a multidimensional view of your network

Make informed decisions

At Skybox, we don’t just serve up data and information, we provide the intelligence and context to make informed decisions, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling your business at scale and speed. Skybox provides complete visibility, analytics and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across the organization. And intelligently optimize security policies, actions and change process across all corporate networks and cloud environments.

Your Go-To Source

Secure more, limit less

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Attain risk scoring and remediation prioritization of vulnerabilities based on asset prioritization, exploitability, and exposure analysis. Automatically map and visualize your attack surface to determine the best remediation options to reduce cybersecurity risk exposure on a continuous basis.

Security Policy Management

Analyze and understand your attack surface across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Ensure consistent and effective configuration compliance, rule-base optimization and change automation across traditional networks and firewalls, to next generation firewalls, virtualized environments, public clouds, and more.

Your Go-To Source

Protect your business at scale

Skybox helps you attain the best overall security posture for your business through:
Intelligently minimizing cybersecurity exposure and compliance risk across hybrid infrastructure
Achieving greater operational efficiencies and scale across IT and Security teams
Freeing up scarce resources and valuable talent to focus on strategic security initiatives

Deployment Options

Virtual Machine

See system requirements for deploying Skybox on a virtual machine

Cloud Instance

Deploy Skybox on a public cloud network