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Leverage security automation to boost IT and cybersecurity team efficiency

Leverage smart automation to combat skill shortages, streamline tasks, simplify network security compliance and meet SLAs.

Learn how to:
  • Reduce pressure on network and security teams amid a global talent shortage, providing time to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Reduce the risk of misconfigurations or policy violations by modeling changes prior to provisioning
  • Maintain business resilience by achieving higher accuracy in change control processes
  • Improve compliance posture and avoid the costs of a failed audit

The incredible rate of change in IT has made it difficult for network and security professionals to keep pace. Work has changed for many organizations, eliminating their network perimeter and introducing new applications, processes, and digital environments. Additionally, regulations are changing in response to our increasingly digital lives. It’s an uphill battle to stay on top of infrastructure and compliance changes, particularly with acute skill and human resource shortages in network operations and cybersecurity.

Automation can help. Unfortunately, most infrastructure is fragmented and complex, making it difficult to choose what to automate. Network and security teams need a security posture management platform that provides complete visibility into their unique environment and analyzes it, providing context that reduces cyber exposure. Once you achieve visibility, you can optimize workflows using automation, including implementing network changes, deploying new products, de-commissioning old products. and redesigning or validating your network security policies.

Achieve a holistic view of your attack surface
  • Establish a unified view of security and operational information by collecting data from a breadth of sources
  • Build a multidimensional network model that emulates your network topologies, assets, and security controls
  • Use the model to continuously validate device configurations, identify vulnerabilities and manage traditional and cloud-native security controls from a central location
  • Develop customized reporting that aligns with your business compliance requirements and facilitates optimum organizational workflows
Optimize workflows with cybersecurity automation
  • Automate change management workflows to improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • Analyze and enforce rule, access, and configuration policies for VPNs and firewalls
  • Schedule and automate security posture and compliance assessments
  • Automate your rule recertification process
Eliminate errors
  • Continually assess configurations for vulnerabilities, errors, and policy violations
  • Manage policy violations and exceptions with custom workflows
  • Simplify accurate reporting with customizable dashboards and exports

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