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Cybersecurity research and thought leadership

Explore research on topical cybersecurity issues. View data from our threat intelligence division on the expanding threat landscape, growth of vulnerabilities, rise of ransomware and more.

Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2022
Record breaking vulnerabilities, rising OT security risks, and increasing exploits demand a new approach to vulnerability management.
Cybersecurity risk underestimated by operational technology organizations

Research finds OT security faces OT network complexity, functional silos, supply chain risk, and limited vulnerability remediation options. Learn five steps to OT management.

Vulnerability and threat trends mid-year report 2021

Critical infrastructure emerges as a top concern among the dizzying rate of vulnerability growth during the first half of 2021. Proactive security posture management is a...

Vulnerability and threat trends report 2021

The rapid change experienced in 2020 has illuminated a simple truth: What used to work for enterprise security is no longer good enough.

Vulnerability and Threat Trends Mid-Year Report 2020

Cybercriminals take advantage of the pandemic to capitalize on the exponential rise of vulnerabilities and rapid cloud migration. Threat-centric vulnerability management is needed.

Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2020

The Skybox Research Lab finds new vulnerabilities are rising, OT advisories are dramatically increasing and there is a surge of vulnerabilities with medium-severity CVSS ratings.

Biden’s cybersecurity executive order calls for an expanded scope

While Biden’s cybersecurity executive order is a good first step, the U.S federal government needs to adopt a new cybersecurity paradigm if it wants to stop...

Accelerated digital transformation: a catalyst for security transformation

Learn how CISOs are approaching digital transformation security risks with hybrid cloud security best practices.

Cybersecurity in the new normal

Secure the distributed workforce and remote operations with hybrid cloud network security to avoid cyber exposure. Take an approach rooted in prescriptive vulnerability management practices.

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