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Accelerated digital transformation: a catalyst for security transformation

Learn how CISOs are approaching digital transformation security risks with hybrid cloud security best practices.

Learn why CISOs are prioritizing the following areas:
  • Retaining top talent.
  • Building security program resiliency.
  • Accelerating cloud adoption with hybrid cloud security best practices.
  • Benefits of zero-trust framework.
  • Increasing organizational efficiencies.
  • Building effective governance.

Digital transformation impacts many aspects of a business: how their employees work, how they acquire and serve customers, how they manage supply chains, and how they address competitive challenges. In parallel, some of the key security challenges in today’s environment include:

  • An increasingly energized and sophisticated network of cybercriminals.
  • Employees using a growing number of authorized and unauthorized cloud applications.
  • Organizations migrating to the cloud must also maintain mission-critical legacy applications.
  • A growing set of policy compliance requirements heap additional burden on over-taxed teams.

As companies look to innovate new digital-first customer experiences and beyond, CISOs have an instrumental role to embed security strategies into these business plans from the onset.

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