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Best risk scoring methodology to prioritize vulnerabilities

Risk-based vulnerability management requires accurate risk scoring. Conduct comprehensive network security risk analysis to make proactive vulnerability remediation decisions.

Learn how to:
  • Use an easy-to-understand scoring method to support risk–based vulnerability management.
  • Conduct risk analysis from multiple perspectives of vulnerabilities, assets, and groups.
  • Customize your risk scoring parameters.
  • Conduct exposure-based vulnerability analysis.

Most enterprises face the challenge of deciding how to take action on thousands, if not millions, of vulnerabilities in their environment. They often utilize scoring systems that assign severity ratings to help them decide which vulnerabilities to fix first. Unfortunately, many of these systems take a one–size–fits all approach.

Companies need risk-based prioritization scoring that considers a broad range of risk factors, both from within and outside the organization. This method enables users to identify and prioritize the riskiest assets and vulnerabilities in their organization and quickly make the best remediation decisions across your attack surface.

A cyber risk score provides an objective framework for the evaluation of a security posture. By converting these evaluations into an easy-to-grasp representation of qualitative cyber risk scoring, organizations can better understand how safe their assets are and where they need to improve. In this webinar you will learn how Skybox provides the most comprehensive and accurate risk scoring today. We uniquely calculate risk scores for various assets by factoring 4 critical variables: 1) the asset’s measured CVSS severity; 2) the likelihood that an asset can be exploited; 3) the importance rating of the asset; 4) and the exposure level of the asset based on the security controls and configurations in place across the network.