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Reduce digital transformation security risks with Zscaler

Secure your remote workforce through Zscaler’s cloud network. Manage security policies, rule changes, and compliance requirements across your entire attack surface.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Leverage a cloud-native security platform for remote users.
  • Control changes impacting remote workers through rule checks and recertification.
  • Establish consistent policy management across hybrid security deployments.

The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has triggered companies across the globe to employ work-from-home policies for most of their workforces. As a result, many companies are turning to leverage cloud-native security solutions to quickly enable secure connectivity and access for large numbers of remote users.

How can enterprises ensure secure connectivity and access across their networks during this chaotic time and expanding threat landscape? Skybox and Zscaler explain how enterprises can secure their remote users through Zscaler’s cloud network to manage security policies, rule changes, and compliance requirements across their hybrid cloud environments with Skybox.

The webinar explores:
  • 5 critical steps for securely managing the “new normal”.
  • How cloud-delivered security can quickly enable users and maintain business continuity.
  • How to keep pace with the speed of changes with automated firewall management and change workflows.
  • How to achieve consistent policy and compliance management and across your hybrid cloud networks.