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Dynamic attack surface evolution: The impact on Zero-Trust

Zscaler, Kyndryl and security analyst Richard Stiennon conduct a panel discussion on attack surface management best practices and implications for building a zero-trust architecture.

Learn how to:
  • Where to start when building a zero-trust architecture.
  • Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities to stay ahead of threats.
  • Establish preventative vulnerability management practices that reduce exposure to cyberattacks.

With accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption and migration, sophisticated threat actors find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and network exposures. This panel discussion with Zscaler, Kyndryl, and security analyst Richard Stiennon explores the optimal ways to manage the increased attack surface area and best practices to building a zero-trust architecture.

This panel discussion covers a range of topics, including:

  • How attackers are taking advantage of digital transformation and increased remote work.
  • The increasing number of endpoints accessing information in the cloud fueling net new attack vectors.
  • Growing ransomware attacks through open remote desktop protocols.
  • Implications of legacy technology on exposure risk.