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Why global financial service institutions choose Skybox Security

Eight of the World’s Top Banks Use Skybox

Skybox addresses the complex auditing requirements of the financial services industry head-on. It will enable you to understand internal and external policies, streamline compliance, manage all vulnerabilities, reduce change risk and eliminate violations.

The platform does more than just simplifying your auditing processes. It can also be used to secure and support strategic business initiatives including improving cyber resilience, securing cloud migrations, mergers and acquisitions, divestments and more. It’s the solution that eight of the world’s top banks use to enact positive and lasting change within their business.

Compliance Audit Automation

Skybox’s automated compliance analysis, tracking and reporting provides an easy, quick and cost-effective way to maintain compliance. Thanks to its modeling capabilities and analytics–driven automation, Skybox can perform same–day audits to simplify regulatory obligations.

Network Segmentation

Skybox’s capacity to offer complete network visibility reduces the complexity inherent in determining network access paths across your entire infrastructure. By enabling you to create clear lines of demarcation, you will gain assurance that assets used by individual business units are protected.

Hybrid network model

Enterprise Vulnerability Management Solution

Skybox combines consolidated data from vulnerability scans with its own scanless assessments, analyzing vulnerabilities against CVSS scores, asset value, threat intelligence and exposure within your network to help you to intelligently prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities.

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Case study: Lloyds Banking Group

After a merger with HBOS, Lloyds Banking Group became the largest retail bank in the U.K. Today, it has more than 75,000 full–time staff and over 2,000 branches in the U.K., as well as a presence in another 30 countries. See how Skybox was used to conduct a post-merger risk assessment.

Business Use Case: Automating Audit and Compliance

Skybox’s automated audits eliminate errors and violations, ensuring an effective compliance strategy with minimal IT resource requirements. Read how Skybox solves complex auditing and compliance challenges, and why integrating vulnerability management with compliance automation will help you to make time and resource savings of up to 80 percent.